Fios dentários e escovilhões

Daily interdental cleaning is recommended by dentists to properly clean your teeth and keep them healthy for life. Every tooth has 5 surfaces and its difficult to clean 2 of them well with just a toothbrush. The area between teeth  is vulnerable to cavities. Dental sticks are an easy and convenient way to remove food and plaque. Jordan’s dental sticks are designed with a triangular tapered shape which is easy to insert between your teeth and fits the interproximal space perfectly. Made form Nordic birch it is soft and pliable and has natural antibacterial properties.  It is important to remember to moisten the wooden stick for a few seconds before using, in this way making it strong and flexible. Jordan has a range of different sizes  with or without additives for you to choose from.

Dental floss is an effective way to clean between your teeth and dentists recommend that you “floss” at least once every day to keep your teeth healthy for life. Jordan has a range of different floss products to suit your different individual preferences and needs. Choose the one that best fits you.